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Modular Venezuela  Relief Valve MBRV-02/03 Series

Modular Venezuela  Relief Valve MBRV-02/03 Series

Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics! Modular Relief Valve...
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Product Description

Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics!

Modular Relief Valve MRBV-02/03 Series Features:

Recommended viscosity Modular Valves Instructions for useNormal working hours are recommended viscosity :15 - 400cSt.If the valve back to the oil damper, the viscosity range must be 15-200cSt.Recommended FluidsUse any of the following hydraulic fluidPetroleum oil: ISO VG32 or VG46 oil equivalent of oil.Synthetic solution: phosphate ester fluid or liquid polyhydric alcohol esters. When phosphate ester fluids, use a special fluorine rubber seal.Aqueous solution: the use of water - glycol solution.Working oil temperatureContinuous working temperature of the oil is -15 - +70 ℃.Pollution ControlHydraulic oil pollution should be controlled, otherwise it will cause damage or shorten the life of the valve.Please ensure that pollution degree NAS 1638-11 level, with 25um or more sophisticated line filter.Assembly stepsAll the stud plate screwed into the basis of the provisions, the floor surface or pipe mounting plate screw holes.According to the hydraulic circuit, stacked stacking valve or solenoid valve, fitted with O-ring to the mounting surface toward the base plate.Superimposed valve inserted in the bolt, make sure that the empty stack valve arrangement is correct, its modular valves at both ends.Screw on the nut on the bolt with specified torque tighten the nut, after commissioning, shall be within the specified torque re-tighten the nut,In order to achieve a sufficient preload.Pressure adjustmentPressure adjustment, loosen lock nut and slowly turn the handle clockwise as the pressure increases, the adjustment is completed do not forget to tighten the nut. Modular Relief Valve MBRV-02/03 Series Specificatioin:

RELIEF VALVESModular Relief Valve MBRV-02/03 Series
Parker pressure relief valves are designed such that when upstream pressure exceeds the closing force exerted by the spring, the lower stem opens, permitting flow through the valve.
Constant pressure overflow function: In the quantitative pump throttling system, the quantitative pump provides a constant flow. When the system pressure increases, the flow demand will be reduced. At this point the relief valve open, so that excess flow back to the tank, to ensure that the relief valve inlet pressure, the pump outlet pressure is constant (the valve port often with pressure fluctuations open).
Regulating effect: the relief valve in series on the return line, the relief valve to produce back pressure, moving parts increased stability.
System unloading effect: In the remote control port of the relief valve series of small flow of the solenoid valve, when the electromagnet power, the relief valve remote control port fuel tank, hydraulic pump unloading. The relief valve is used as an unloading valve at this time.
Safety protection: When the system is working properly, the valve closes. Only when the load exceeds the specified limit (the system pressure exceeds the set pressure) to open the overflow, overload protection, the system pressure is no longer increased (usually the relief valve set the pressure than the system maximum working pressure 10% to 20% ).
Practical applications are generally: for unloading valve, for remote pressure regulator, for high and low pressure multi-stage control valve, for the sequence of valves, used to produce back pressure (string in the oil on the road).
Relief valve generally has two kinds of structure: 1, direct-acting relief valve. 2, the pilot relief valve.
The main requirements of the relief valve: large voltage range, voltage deviation is small, the pressure vibration small, sensitive action, overload capacity, noise.
Model No.Max. Flow L/minMax.Pressure MpaOpening Pressure MpaWeight KG

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