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Sperry Oman  Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10 Sperry Oman  Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10 Sperry Oman  Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10

Sperry Oman  Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10

Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-C M-11/10 Vickers are now part of the Eaton Group which include the other brands Char-Lynn, Sumitomo, Hydro-Line,...
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  • Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10
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Product Details

Model:E5J Type:Hydraulic
MPN:PVB10-RSY-31 Brand:sperry vickers

Product Description

Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10

Vickers are now part of the Eaton Group which include the other brands Char-Lynn, Sumitomo, Hydro-Line, and Aeroquip. Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10 designs, manufactures and globally markets a complete line of reliable, high-efficiency hydraulic components for markets including agriculture, construction, industrial, mining, fishing, marine and lawn and garden.
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EATON VICKERS is a world-renowned hydraulic brand owned by the Eaton Group Fluid Power Division. Its main products include hydraulic pumps, motors, hydrostatic products, valves, steering gears, cylinders, power units, accessories, filters and so on.
Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10 is a world-renowned hydraulic brand owned by the Eaton Group Fluid Power Division.
Its main products include hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, hydraulic valves and so on. Eaton's fluid power products are widely used, including earthmoving machinery, agriculture, construction, aviation, mining, forestry, public facilities and material handling.
Eaton is the world's leading manufacturer of diversified industrial products and enjoys a highly technologically advanced and reliable reputation in the global industry. Has more than 125,000 employees in more than 125 countries on 6 continents. With annual sales of Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model: E5J S/N: PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10 . Products related to automotive, truck, heavy equipment, civil aviation, defense and military, residential, telecommunications and data transmission, industrial equipment and public facilities, business and government agencies, as well as sports and entertainment in various fields.

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Our Asset #:KSC523 / 0002.1-3 Qty available:3
Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Model PVB10-RSY-30-CM-11/10
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Manufactures Tag:

Manufacturer: Sperry Vickers
Model: E5J Serial #: PVB10-RSY-31 Year:
HP/Amp/KW/KVA:7.5 Voltage: 220 Phase: 3
Other Info:

General Photos:

Our attempt to answer buyer questions in advance or to give a little history as represented to us. We are not making any representations simply passing along 3rd party info.

This auction has 3 Vickers Pumps photographed. All of which are the same specs just may look a little bit different. We let you pickout which item you want of the lot after the sale and will ship that to you. Thank you
Inspections are our findings only and not representation of fitness for a purpose
8. Used: UNKNOWN > Looks good but that is all we know

2. WE GUARANTY OUR WORKMANSHIP & OUR WORD ONLY: 14 Day return if asset is not as shown in our ad WHEN PICKED UP AT OUR WAREHOUSE: We do not refund for freight damage items but will assist buyers with documents for freight claims.
*Factory Information*
King Surplus is not making any representations, warranty of merchantability or any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. For reference only:We offer Assistance Shipping & Packaging Worldwide as follows:1. All shipping is quoted to BUSINESSES WITH DOCKS, FORKLIFTS OR FOR PICKUP OR AT LOCAL TERMINAL.
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KSC has been in the AUCTION / LIQUIDATION business 44 years and we liquidate over 1 million items per year. All items are forsale at our 100,000 sqft warehouse and Brick & Mortor Store. Buyers are welcome and incouraged to stop by to inspect items or browse our inventory of more than 50,000 items. All sales are FOB Del Rio Texas 78840 unless otherwise stated in our ads.

BUYERS are 100% responsible for their packaging & shipping choices. Packaging & Shipping is a managed RISK and normally the cheaper the packaging or shipping the higher the risk. By bidding or buying on a KSC item buyers agree to hold KSC completely harmless for any damage or delay to their purchase whatsoever. If a buyer fails to recognize this aspect of our terms and conditions after purchase but before leaving our facility KSC will refund the purchase price less a 10% handling fee to resell.

BUYERS are welcome to use the SHIPPER of their choice or pick up themselves. Buyers may also load and package items them selves at our on site sales however they must have all the proper insurance requirements.
Large items may require Rigging or Crane Fees:
Rigging fees typically run $35 per 1,000 lbs. but feel free to ask at time of purchase.
Estimated rigging fees for this asset are:

KSC Tag:

Asset Location: TX Del Rio 78840 Area: S1-1
Length: 36 Width: 19 Height: 16
a. Est. Wt. each: LBS b. Est. packaging wt: 0 c. Est. total wt: 0
d. 0
Sug. 0

1. SALES TAX: Buyers are responsible to pay sales tax in their State. Out of State buyers shipping items to themselves are tax exempt under Texas law with a legitimate shipping bill of laden from an ICC licensed shipper. However, Texas law requires that out of State buyers that pick up their items personally must pay Texas Sales tax. Texas residents or businesses must pay sales tax unless they provide a valid Texas Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate. We check all certificates with the State.

2. We are liquidators and not dealers: We only have what you see in our photos and that is all we guaranty. KSC staff will answer questions to the best of their ability and experience. Unfortunately, KSC CAN NOT make guaranties as to fitness for a particular purpose nor do we repair or sell parts. Buyers are responsible to satisfy themselves as to the merchantability or fitness for their purpose.

If the asset the buyer receives is not as shown in our photos, video or if we made an error in the description we offer a 14 day money back guaranty from the date of payment. Why from date of payment and not date of receipt? Texas consignment law and our contract requires us to pay our clients 20 days from receipt of payment.

4. YELLOW > CONNECTED TO POWER: When possible we attempt to power up assets. However we do not have 440 volt power, if you do not see a YELLOW TAG that may be why.... Additionally, just because we power up an asset our folks many not have the expertises to properly operate the machine. Buyers are welcome to come by or send their representative by to test and inspect the asset. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

There are times when our staff may not have the training or expertise to make a condition statement. In these cases they will simply state the manufactures name, model and photograph the factory tag and show condition as UNKNOWN. We will photograph any apparent missing items or damage. However we might not know when some parts or pieces are missing so it will be the buyers responsibility to insure they know what they are buying. ALL UNKNOWN assets are sold ASIS WITH NO RETURNS WHATSOEVER.

6. BUYERS REMORSE: If you make a mistake just tell us the truth and we will try to help you. Send us a message with BUYERS REMORSE in the subject and our customer service manager will contact you directly to try to help. Again, just be honest.... We are good people and willing to help, if you look at our feedback you will see that we bend over backwards to help our customers.

7. NOT HAPPY: Call us! We are a family company, to us this is not "just business" its PERSONAL! There is almost nothing we cant help you with..... Leaving NF will not help your cause....


a. If ANY buyer has a legitimate claim on any asset we have sold within the scope of our written guaranty & return period we will happily give the buyer a refundafter they have returned the item. Just FYI: In Texas it is illegal to purchase an item from a retailer then stop payment with out first returning the item and any amount is over $700 it is a felony. Keep in mind that just because a credit card company or PayPal allows a buyer to stop payment does not change Texas law....... This is public notice, as required by law, that we AUTOMATICALLY file charges WITHOUT NOTICE on all theft by check, ACH and credit card purchasers. We can be counted upon to do the right thing and we expect others to do the same.

b. Our payment terms are strictly adhered to:
1. Payment in full is due with in 48 hours on all items below $10K. Any item above $10K we require payment in full or a 10% non-refundable deposit with in 48 hours and the balance in full is required with in 7 calendar days.
2. We accept the following methods of payment:
a. Up to $2000 Paypal
b. Up to $4000 MasterCard or Visa through our Merchant account (NOT THROUGH PAYPAL).
c. Up to $10,000 Company check if over nighted (10 day hold for clearing). NO SNAIL MAIL PLEASE!
d. Over $10k or INTERNATIONAL BUYERS Bank transfer only.
10. Venue: All KSC offerings, sales and agreements are in Del Rio, Val Verde County Texas regardless of their location.
We are required to operate under Texas law including Texas Sales Tax rules and other laws regardless where the sale is made or shipped to. By bidding buyer agrees to our standard terms & conditions for all sales: Click hereJurisdiction/Venue: This agreement is deemed to be entered into, executed, and performed in DEL RIO Texas and shall be construed, interpreted, governed, and enforces in accordance with the law of the State of Texas. The proper Venue for enforcement of this agreement shall beVal Verde County, Texas.

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