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IPH 5B-50-11 Nachi Gear Pump IPH 5B-50-11 Nachi Gear Pump IPH 5B-50-11 Nachi Gear Pump

IPH 5B-50-11 Nachi Gear Pump

IPH 5B-50-11 Nachi Gear Pump Detailed description: IPH-5B-50-11 Japan no more NACHI gear pump genuine Special price supply of Japan's No. 2 Vietnam NACHI gear pump, NACHI...
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Product Description

IPH 5B-50-11 Nachi Gear Pump Detailed description:

IPH-5B-50-11 Japan no more NACHI gear pump genuine

Special price supply of Japan's No. 2 Vietnam NACHI gear pump, NACHI series gear pump products include IPH single pump and IPH double pump. Single pump type: IPH-2A, IPH-3A, IPH-4A, IPH-5A, IPH-6A


Duplex pump type: IPH-22B, IPH-23B, IPH-24B, IPH-25B, IPH-26B, IPH-33B, IPH-34B

IPH-35B, IPH-36B, IPH-55B, IPH-56B, IPH-66B

The NACHI gear pump has the following characteristics:

1. Ultra-high pressure, high efficiency: the use of new pressure download mode, driven by high efficiency under the generation of ultra-high pressure.

2. super mute: improve working environment and solve noise nuisance.

3. Long service life, easy maintenance: the use of low-wear unique structure and strong and tough gear, so that the pump service life increased, and simple structure, maintenance becomes easier.

4. superior inhalation function: inhalation performance is good, inhalation pressure can be used to -0.3kgf/cm3. Water soluble (W/G) hydraulic oil can be used.

Welcome to inquire about Japan's NACHI gear pump IPH series.

IPH series IP pumps

NACHI gear pumps IPH-4B-25-LT-20, IPH-2A-3.5-11, IPH-2B-3.5-11,

Japan's IPH-2A-5-11, IPH-2B-5-11, IPH-2A-6.5-11,

IPH-2B-6.5-11, IPH-2A-8-11 IPH-2B-8-11

IPH-3A-10-20, IPH-3B-10-20, IPH-3A-13-20,

NACHI gear pump IPH-3B-13-20, IPH-3A-16-20 IPH-3B-16-20

Japan's IPH-4A-20-20, IPH-4B-20-20, IPH-4A-25-20,

IPH-4B-25-20, IPH-4A-32-20 IPH-4B-32-20

IPH-5A-40-21, IPH-5B-40-21, IPH-5A-40-11,

NACHI gear pumps IPH-5B-40-11, IPH-5A-50-21, IPH-5B-50-21,

Japan's IPH-5A-50-11, IPH-5B-50-11 and IPH-5A-64-21

IPH-5B-64-21 IPH-5A-64-11 IPH-5B-64-11

IPH-6A-80-21, IPH-6B-80-21, IPH-6A-80-11,

NACHI gear pumps IPH-6B-80-11, IPH-6A-100-21, IPH-6B-100-21,

Japan's IPH-6A-100-11, IPH-6B-100-11 and IPH-6A-125-21

NACHI gear pump IPH-6B-125-21 IPH-6A-125-11 IPH-6B-125-11

IPH series double IP pump

Model example:


NACHI duplex gear pump:

IPH-22B, IPH-23B, IPH-24B, IPH-25B, IPH-26B, IPH-33B, IPH-34B, IPH-35B, IPH-36B,

IPH-44B, IPH-45B, IPH-46B, IPH-55B, IPH-56B, IPH-66B,

NACHI gear pump IPH-22B-3.5-3.5-11, IPH-22B-3.5-5-11, IPH-22B-3.5-6.5-11,

Japan is more and more IPH-22B-3.5-8-11, IPH-22B-5-5-11, IPH-22B-5-6.5-11.

IPH-22B-5-8-11, IPH-22B-6.5-6.5-11, IPH-22B-6.5-8-11,

IPH-23B-3.5-10-11, IPH-23B-3.5-13-11, IPH-23B-3.5-16-11,

NACHI gear pump IPH-23B-5-10-11, IPH-23B-5-13-11, IPH-23B-5-16-11,

Japan is more and more IPH-23B-6.5-10-11, IPH-23B-6.5-13-11, IPH-23B-6.5-16-11.

IPH-23B-8-10-11, IPH-23B-8-13-11, IPH-23B-8-16-11,

IPH-24B-3.5-20-11, IPH-24B-3.5-25-11, IPH-24B-3.5-32-11,

NACHI gear pump IPH-24B-5-20-11, IPH-24B-5-25-11, IPH-24B-5-32-11,

Japan is more and more IPH-24B-6.5-20-11, IPH-24B-6.5-25-11, IPH-24B-6.5-32-11.

IPH-24B-8-20-11, IPH-24B-8-25-11, IPH-24B-8-32-11, IPH-25B-3.5-40-11, IPH-25B-3.5-50-11, IPH-25B-3.5-64-11,

NACHI gear pump IPH-25B-5-40-11, IPH-25B-5-50-11, IPH-25B-5-64-11,

Japan is more and more IPH-25B-6.5-40-11, IPH-25B-6.5-50-11, IPH-25B-6.5-64-11.

IPH-25B-8-40-11, IPH-25B-8-50-11, IPH-25B-8-64-11, IPH-26B-3.5-80-11, IPH-26B-3.5-100-11, IPH-26B-3.5-125-11,

IPH-26B-5-80-11, IPH-26B-5-100-11, IPH-26B-5-125-11, IPH-26B-6.5-80-11, IPH-26B-6.5-100-11, IPH-26B-6.5-125-11,

IPH-26B-8-80-11, IPH-26B-8-100-11, IPH-26B-8-125-11,

IPH-33B-10-10-11, IPH-33B-10-13-11, IPH-33B-10-16-11,

IPH-33B-13-13-11, IPH-33B-13-16-11, IPH-33B-13-16-11, IPH-33B-13-16-11, IPH-33B-16-16-11, IPH-34B-10-20-11, IPH-34B-10-25-11,

IPH-34B-10-32-11, IPH-34B-13-20-11, IPH-34B-13-25-11, IPH-34B-13-32-11, IPH-34B-16-20-11, IPH-34B-16-25-11,

NACHI gear pump IPH-34B-16-32-11, IPH-35B-10-40-11, IPH-35B-10-50-11, Japan IPH-35B-10-64-11, IPH-35B-13-40-11, IPH-35B-13-50-11,

NACHI Gear Pump IPH-35B-13-64-11, IPH-35B-16-40-11, IPH-35B-16-50-11, Japan IPH-35B-16-64-11, IPH-36B-10-80-11, IPH-36B-10-100-11,

IPH-36B-10-125-11, IPH-36B-13-80-11, IPH-36B-13-100-11, IPH-36B-13-125-11, IPH-36B-16-80-11, IPH-36B-16-100-11,

NACHI gear pump IPH-36B-16-125-11 IPH-55B-40-11, IPH-55B-40-50-11, Japan IPH-55B-40-64-11, IPH-55B-40-64-11, IPH-55B-50-50-11, IPH-55B-50-64-11,

NACHI Gear Pump IPH-55B-64-64-11, IPH-56B-40-80-11, IPH-56B-40-100-11, IPH56B-40-125-11, IPH-56B-50-80-11, IPH-56B-50-100-11,

IPH-56B-50-125-11, IPH-56B-64-80-11, IPH-56B-64-100-11, IPH-56B-64-64-125-11, IPH-66B-80-100-11, IPH-66B-80-125-11,

IPH-66B-100-100-11, IPH-66B-100-125-11, IPH-66B-125-125-11

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